Installation Instructions

No Tools Required , Finger Tighten Screws For A  Non Slip Hold  Insert One Side Of Bracket Into Spline Reciever Strip 

Insert Other Side Into Spline Receiver Strip   While Squeezing The Two Sides Together With One Hand 

Insert The Small Screw  Into Furthest Hole From Aluminum Structure And Tighten The Wingnut  Just Like This 

Larger Screw Goes In The First Hole Closest To the Aluminum Structure  Again Tighten Wing Nut Which Makes A Friction Fit Where Bracket And Aluminum Structure Meet  , Making It Nonslip 

Insert Your Plant Hanger Attachment For Hanging Plants  There You Are, Ready To Go 

Custom Shelves Can Be Made To Your Own Specifications , Just Call Dan At  ( 407 ) - 928 - 0774